Keri is the consummate professional in massage therapy and relaxation. She is enthusiastic and strong, which equates to an as-vigorous massage as you wish, from start to finish. I try to see Keri at least twice per month for 90 minutes, and I look forward with great anticipation to each session. I highly recommend her.


I see Keri before and after races, as well as during long training weeks, for both specific issues and overall sports massage. Keri listens and as a triathlete herself, perfectly understands the common muscles groups 'that are under attack'. I highly recommend visiting Keri to improve recovery, work on specific muscles group issues and everything in between.


I prefer deep tissue massages and was very lucky to find Keri about a year ago as she is excellent! She is very strong, knows just how to loosen up tense muscles, and has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend her services.

Jane D.,

I am a 50 yr. old soccer player, so I have aches and pains, strains and injuries on a regular basis. Keri takes the time to understand what is going on with my body, and hones in on my problem areas that day. She adapts and uses different techniques all the time. I always wake up the next day with less pain and more flexibility. Keri is a big part of keeping me on the field and playing the game I love!

Eric D.,